DISA INTERNATIONAL HOLDING BVBA, the innovative underwater solutions
announces that it has acquired the 50% stake of Wals Diving & Marine Services in C‐Ventus
Offshore Windfarm Services BV, thereby obtaining a 100% interest in C‐Ventus through its wholly
owned subsidiary DISA Nederland BV.

With an excellent safety record, C‐Ventus is known as a leading service provider in the offshore wind
segment. On basis of its rope‐access, survey, diving and ROV capability, C‐Ventus renders a wide array
of services from the seabed up, in the installation and O&M phases of offshore windfarms. The
company is thereby the one‐stop shop supplier of choice to a client‐base which consists of both
installation contractors and energy companies.

Hans Reinigert, Managing Director of DISA INTERNATIONAL, said: “We are pleased to announce this
step forward for DISA, which is in line with our strategic plans and reflects our focus on the offshore
sector in general and offshore wind in particular. We are proud of and thankful for what we have
achieved thus far together with our former partners Wals Diving and value the relationship with them.
That relationship will be the basis for close and exclusive cooperation in years ahead. The C‐Ventus
culture as well as the name, which has become a recognized brand name in a relatively short period of
time, will obviously remain and we very much look forward to expand the company further, be it
organically or by other acquisitions.”

Cor Wals, Managing Director of Wals Diving, mentioned: “The sale of our stake in C‐Ventus is part of
our drive to strengthen our core business. In a constantly solid partnership over the last few years, we
have been able to make C‐Ventus a successful leader in the offshore wind segment. By uniting continuity
with new perspectives, I’m convinced that DISA’s complete acquisition of C‐Ventus will offer the
customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders of C‐Ventus a beneficial and sustainable
structure. Our dealings and recent negotiations with DISA were always constructive and based on a
spirit of mutual understanding and trust. In a new setting, we will continue to cooperate with DISA and
contribute to the success of C‐Ventus.”

About C‐Ventus
C‐Ventus Offshore Windfarm Services BV has been established in 2011. Over the years the company
has enhanced its service package as well as operational working area, which now includes the Dutch,
Belgian, French, German and UK sectors. In these areas C‐Ventus offers installation, service and repair
works from the seabed up, whereby it is committed to the highest quality and safety standards.
Assignments already completed comprise diving and ROV operations, scour mitigation, survey and
positioning, cable inspections and repairs, cleaning and coating and cable pull‐ins, as well as the marine
operations associated with these works. Be it overall project management of annual inspection
programs and follow‐up remedial action or ad‐hoc consultancy and specific project support, C‐Ventus is
able to deliver based on knowhow and experience. Safe, reliable and always with the Client’s best
interest at hart, C‐Ventus truly appreciates the challenges posed by an offshore environment.

For further information we refer to the website: www.c‐ventus.com

Contacts for information
For Corporate information, please contact:
Mr. Svend Larsen
Director Finance DISA International Holding
Telephone: +31 10 340 05 22
Email: s.larsen@disa‐international.com

For information on C‐Ventus, please contact:
Mr. Martijn Hoogenstraaten
Managing Director C‐Ventus
Telephone +31 255 820 020
Email: mh@c‐ventus.com