Of utmost importance in providing second- to-none services, are our trained professionals and state of the art equipment.  These resources have enabled C-Ventus to become a well-recognized brand that stands for safety and quality.

Our people are trained, certified to applicable industry standards and have worked on offshore projects around the world, in both small and large multi-cultural teams and on equally diverse scopes of work. Project teams are composed with constant care and consist of personnel with the skill-sets, expertise and experience required to complete a project without incidents or accidents, on time and within budget.

A key feature of our way of working is the preparation by the entire project team of a Project Execution Plan at the start of every project. Together with standard documentation such as Method Statements and Risk Assessments, the PEP assists in closely monitoring and managing all aspects of a project and enables our teams to have a coordinated and structured approach to every challenge that may present itself during the execution phase.

To further complement our teams we are continuously looking to recruit individuals with the right mentality and attitude that meet our high standards and ultimately help us to exceed your expectations.

C-Ventus owns and maintains an extensive pool of equipment supporting our subsea works as well as the activities above the waterline. Based on the philosophy that “we provide our people with the best possible tools to obtain the best possible results”, no concessions are made in the purchasing and maintaining of specialized equipment that is required to function without any problems in an offshore environment.  The state of the art equipment that is selected and mobilized by our teams will assist in optimizing project outcome in terms of safety, quality and underlying economics.

Our equipment ranges from diving equipment to Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) and from directional drilling systems to cable pull-in sets, including mobile winches.  All equipment is stored, maintained and certified by our own technicians in our own warehouses located in Belgium and The Netherlands.

C-Ventus also stores and handles windfarm critical spares on behalf of its clients, such as spare inter-array and export cables, cable joints and cable protection equipment.