The SHE-Q Manager will primarily be responsible for the overall SHE-Q management of all entities of DISA International Group.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • ensure that the Management System is maintained in accordance with the company’s (safety) policies and is compliant with international rules and regulations,
  • create overall SHE-Q awareness at all company locations and projects,
  • report on performance of the management system to the Managing Director for review and in order to continuously improvem the Management System
  • investigate serious and fatal accidents, incidents as well as recognize trends in ‘near misses’ and damages to adjust and amend company policies,
  • carry out (internal) audits in accordance with the company’s auditing standards
  • ensure that quality and safety policies are properly implemented and adhered to,
  • prepare  procedures, method statement and risk assessment at project level and review all project documentation in relation to safety, health, environment and quality,
  • organize HIRA meetings and other project related interfaces with Clients, Authorities etc.

To provide:

  • specialist advice on all safety and environmental affairs and to advise on matters affecting the health, safety and welfare of employed and subcontracted personnel
  • support to all personnel, in particular the project-managers, regarding quality assurance and safety
  • training for key personnel regarding quality assurance and safety

Reports to: Managing Director DISA International 

Main relationships:

  • Intern: Managing Director, Operations Director & employees of all DISA International entities
  • Extern: Customer contacts (focal point SHE-Q for customers), Authorities, Classification Society
  • Purchase Manager in safety related items as required
  • Industry bodies regarding safety and Management System matters